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The Blog is containing information about Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non Profit Organizations (NPOs), POs, GOs in Andhra Pradesh, Funding Agencies, social activists and concerned stakeholders, Funding Agencies, issues, projects, job opportunities in social sector, success stories of individuals as well as organizations, and other relevant links.

• Promote Information about NGOs in Andhra Pradesh.
• Develop effective partnership with each other.
• All the information about Ngoc in one platform
• Access, sharing the information about Ngo
• Dissemination of information Collaboration and Partnerships between NGOs themselves and with other organizations.
• Electronic networking is strengthening community of NGOs organizations by boosting its knowledge.
• Its ability to share information and experiences with strategic allies and other partners in relevant field.
• Capacity building of grassroots level NGOs, social workers through free online resources and information on a single platform.
• To serve non-profit organizations, charities, grassroots and community groups, educational and research institutions.
• Sharing of ideas among NGOs and development agents.
• easy and instant access of information is Help NGOs in their fund-raising efforts.
• Provide more options before Funding Agencies to select the right choice of Organization to support and work with.

How the Blog work
It’s a service oriented

How to put your NGO information in this Blog

Posting in this blog is free. For this service you send your Ngo name for blog title, postal address, email, and website address, serves area, motive, achievements, logos, photos, paper cutting of your Ngo contact person for correspondent .Please send all above details as attachments the files should be ms-word format, PDF format photos, logos in jpeg or psd, formats.
Please send mail to for further correspondent

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